Many individuals contribute to overall success of New Beginnings Church -- Whether it's from the music, to the preaching, to cutting up cardboard and making scenery (Rom 12:5).

Below, you may find the General facts and information about the people who give their time and effort to make New Beginnings Church a great church to enjoy.


Rev. Daniel H. Shapley

Not to be confused with the environmentalist author/editor of The Daily Green (yes, there are more than one Daniel Shapleys out there), Daniel H. Shapley is the pastor of New Beginnings Church.

 Pastor Dan grew up in Magnolia, AR, where he accepted Christ as his Savior and grew up in church. He attended Southwestern University in Waxahachie, TX. He then moved to South Carolina to study at Southern Methodist College where he earned his Bachelor and Masters' degrees.

 While in South Carolina, Pastor Dan wore many hats:  He was Registrar, Director of Admissions, Dean of Students, and later President of Southern Methodist College, Director of Administration and Finance for the Southern Methodist Church, and Principal of Wesley Christian School. He also served on various boards of the Southern Methodist Church, Southern Methodist College, Wesley Christian School and Child Evangelism Fellowship.

 His ministry has been extensive. He has worked in summer youth camps, served as Minister of Education and Youth, Youth Director, and Associate Pastor. He has preached numerous revival services, conducted seminars and training programs, and directed outreach programs. He has served continuously in ministry for the past 35 years.

 He has pastored churches in several different cities in South Carolina: Timmonsville, Columbia, Ridgeville, Williston, and Jamison as well as a church in Dallas, TX.

 Pastor Dan has a heart for ministry and the gift of teaching. He has centered his life around serving God and seeking His will. He carries on an active counseling ministry as well as preaching and teaching in various settings.


Rev. Ted M. Erickson 

Pastor Ted is our Assistant Pastor and Young Adult and Youth Minister.

 "On February the 17th, 1988, I came home from high school to find my 14 year old sister unconscious in the bathroom. My father and I rushed her to the emergency room as fast as we could. Early that next morning, the doctors informed us that she was battling a disease called Ryes Syndrome. That Friday she lost her fight.

 I can still remember the last conversation that my sister and I had. It was Tuesday night February 16, 1988. I was in a hurry to find my keys so that I could leave for work. My sister jumped on my back and gave me a great big hug and whispered in my ear that she loved me. I told me to get off my back. I was in a hurry. God allows things to happen in our lives that change us for ever. Losing my sister changed me.

 I share this story to let you know that you are not alone. Whatever your circumstance in life may be there is a place for you with us. We truly accept all of Gods people as He finds them and leads them our way. Come find me at New Beginnings Southern Methodist Church."

 Ted has 5 years of experience as a group home House Parent and Youth Counselor at the YMCA’s Y-CAP Group Home and Community Action Project. He has also served as youth pastor at several churches in Tennessee and South Carolina.

 Ted brings his ministry experience with practical application of scripture along with his sincere desire to serve God holistically to the New Beginnings family.


Unsung Heroes 

There are many, many individuals in the NBSMC family who contribute "behind the scenes" to make NBSMC run smoothly.

They may not have their own page here, but they contribute more than words or any mere web-site can tell. Whether from music ministry to sports to facility maintenance, they give of their time and effort to make things better for NBSMC and for their community.

John and Johnnie Reynolds
John Armstrong - Facility upkeep
Terri Armstrong - Children's Church Director
Tony McMillan - Lawncare, Board member
Charlie Hudson - Facility upkeep
Barbara Hudson - Church Secretary, event organizer,...
Brook Pinkerton - Sound and Media
Vince Pinkerton - Bass Guitar / Board Chairman
Mark Mills - Keyboards
Eddie Loper - Drums
Teresa Thomas - Leads Sunday Morning service announcement time.
Billy Dean Thomas - Woodworking artistry and facility upkeep.
Wendi Colgan - Children's Church teacher
Rita Beasley - Children's Church teacher, Christian Crochet club leader.
B J Thomas - VBS Coordinator, Children's church teacher